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With just a week left until the presidential elections, every single minute of campaigning counts and is accounted for, but what was not accounted for was the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. 

STORY: Frankenstorm! Hurricane Sandy Kills 22 In The Caribbean

If what the weather reporters are calling “The Frakenstorm” does anywhere near as much damage as the meteorologists have predicted, it is being suspected that it will turn concentrations away from the elections and on “personal misery.”

Sandy is expected to hit land somewhere between Maryland and Rhode Island on Monday, but it is so broad—with tropical storm winds covering 450 miles—that it could wreak devastation along the Eastern Seaboard and as far inland as Ohio.

PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy Pounds The Caribbean

As reported by The Daily Beast, the effects of Sandy are already rearing their heads: 

This is already causing havoc with campaign schedules, forcing Romney and Vice President Biden to cancel weekend rallies in Virginia Beach and Obama to call off events early next week in Virginia and Colorado. The president is heading to Florida on Sunday night, earlier than he had originally planned.

But more than the candidates’ ability to show up in the swing states is at stake. Millions of people may be without power in the final week of the campaign. That means they won’t see the barrage of television ads that the campaigns will be unleashing, despite the fact that Mitt Romney’s team has been hoarding cash for just this moment.

Yikes, lets hope that everyone stays safe and Sandy plays nice. 

SOURCE: Daily Beast