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It’s been almost a full week since Hurricane Sandy took a big hit on New York City and New Jersey, and the aftermath is still very ugly.

While parts of New Jersey and Long Island seemed to receive some of the most intense damages, Staten Island was destroyed as well.

Pictures of the damages to homes, cars, and streets were released, showing just how badly assistance is needed in the borough.

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While the island may be in shambles, public transportation ways such as the State Island ferry and buses are slowly returning for residents to use.

James DeSimone, Chief Operating Officer told the Marine Log:

“The Staten Island Ferry, where I road out storm, was hit pretty hard. The good news is that no one was injured and the ferries survived unscathed due to expertise of our captains and crews, who manned the vessels throughout the night, tending the moorings and working the engines alongside the Ferry Maintenance Facility piers and our shore staff who supported them. As the storm approached, we clocked frequent gusts over 75 knots before our weather station failed.”

He also said of the ferry:

“Thankfully, we had no injuries or damage to the vessels, but did suffer significant electrical and mechanical damage to both terminals which prevented us from resuming service immediately. All of the electrical relays and controllers in the slips were inundated with salt water. So, it took a major effort to get two slips operational in each terminal, let alone clearing debris.”

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Fortunately, efforts from all over are working around-the-clock to make sure citizens are being taken care of and the clean-up is continuing.

Earlier today, the NYC marathon runners took the time from their canceled day of running to head over to SI to volunteer with the relief efforts.

Our prayers are with those that lost homes, lives  and suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

SOURCE: Marine Log

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