The bidding war for where the Obama library, museum, and presidential center will be built has come to an end. The library will be built…

Gov. Chris Christie went from hot to even hotter water. Following allegations from Mayor Dawn Zimmer, claiming Christie withheld Super storm Sandy recovery funds because she wouldn’t support a politically connected real estate development, Christie’s already existing investigation will add this to their watch list. Huff Post reports: A New Jersey Democrat leading the investigation into traffic […]

Gov. Chris Christie’s bridge scandal has been moved to the side after news of the usage of money from the  Hurricane Sandy Relief  funds are currently being questioned. According to TIME,  Hoboken, NJ mayor Dawn Zimmer (D) claims that the Governor allegedly withheld millions of dollars from the city after she refused to work with […]

It’s been an entire year since Hurricane Sandy barreled through the East Coast, destroying more than 650,000 structures across the region and killing 160 in the New York/New Jersey area. The storm also claimed dozens of lives in the Caribbean, inflicted billions of dollars in damages and displaced hundreds of thousands of residents. And though […]


Justine Simmons and supermodel Heidi Albertsen, both Goodwill Ambassadors, were joined by Mashonda continue their quest to make a difference. The Lower Eastside Service Center, a haven that helps aid opiate addicted mothers in New York City, lost thousands of dollars in donations for the mothers and their children during the terrifying destruction of Hurricane Sandy that hit one […]

Talk about a bad time to shut down the government. A powerful weather pattern is expected to scatter some major storms across the country, starting with Tropical Storm Karen (currently barreling towards Louisiana as it turns into a hurricane) but meteorologists tasked to watch the storms are at home and without work. Thanks to the […]

Bad news for New York City. The same flooding that ruined the Jersey Shore, Lower Manhattan and left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity and homes for months, is here to stay. The city could see devastating flooding every two years as sea levels rise by five feet by the year 2100. The sea level […]

After Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast hard this past year, many companies in NYC worry about their base functioning if another disaster were to effect the employees from working. The New York Stock Exchange is currently working on a backup plan that will help it run even if a super disaster makes it unfunctionable by […]

Imagine being without heat or power since Halloween. Seem like a nightmare?  It’s the nightmare that home owners and businesses have been facing since lawmakers dropped a Hurricane Sandy relief bill four weeks ago that sparked bipartisan fury from the Northeast. DETAILS: FINALLY! House Approves $50 Billion Sandy Relief Bill  But on Monday evening, the Senate […]

Three months after Superstorm Sandy destroyed thousands of homes in late October, Northeast lawmakers will finally vote to pass a $50 billion-plus bill in the Senate that will aid victims. DETAILS: 40,000 People May Be Left Homeless After Superstorm Hurricane Sandy  The long-delayed disaster aid package that passed the House last week will be taken up […]

Vogue magazine has long been coined the fashion bible of the industry, and carrying such a loaded title allows them to make the rules, break the rules and sometimes push the envelope a little further than others are allowed.  PHOTOS: Rooney Mara Lands Her Second Vogue Cover & Admits Her Struggles With The Spotlight Case in […]