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Gov. Chris Christie’s bridge scandal has been moved to the side after news of the usage of money from the  Hurricane Sandy Relief  funds are currently being questioned.

According to TIME,  Hoboken, NJ mayor Dawn Zimmer (D) claims that the Governor allegedly withheld millions of dollars from the city after she refused to work with a development company.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Up With Steve Kornaci, Zimmer says that one of Christie’s officials approached her about the exchange, but she refused. She requested $127 million to help repair the city after the storm, but was only given less than $400,000. She also wrote in a personal journal about her disappointment in Christie.

“I was emotional about governor Christie,” she wrote in a diary entry dated May 17, 2013. “I thought he was honest. I thought he was moral. I thought he was something very different. This week I found out he’s cut from the same corrupt cloth that I have been fighting for the last four years.”

In the past, she’s praised Christie for his service to New Jersey. A rep for Chris Christie responded to her statements as false and labeled as an attack.

“Mayor Zimmer has been effusive in her public praise of the Governor’s Office and the assistance we’ve provided in terms of economic development and Sandy aid….What or who is driving her only now to say such outlandishly false things is anyone’s guess.”

Zimmer is sticking by her story and thanked her followers on Twitter for their support.

We’ll find out the truth soon enough right?


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