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Justine Simmons and supermodel Heidi Albertsen, both Goodwill Ambassadors, were joined by Mashonda continue their quest to make a difference.

The Lower Eastside Service Center, a haven that helps aid opiate addicted mothers in New York City, lost thousands of dollars in donations for the mothers and their children during the terrifying destruction of Hurricane Sandy that hit one year ago. (Click here to donate to the center.)

GlobalGrind had the opportunity to follow the ladies to the treatment center and speak with the women about their struggles. With over 13,000 babies a year affected by their mothers’ drug addictions, mothers have a safe haven where they can help seek treatment, placement for jobs and supplies for their children. Goodwill Ambassador Heidi Albertsen explained to GG the importance of sobriety and the role of the mothers at the haven: “I feel really lucky to be able to bring hope and give a message to mothers and babies who are struggling: I lost my mom when I was really young, so for me, it just goes really deep.”

Justine Simmons, Goodwill Ambassador for the treatment center, gives hope to the children and their mothers. The mom and wife of Rev. Run will likely share more stories of her journey on the rumored daytime talk show she’ll have with her husband. “When I get here, I don’t feel like I’m doing anything for them at all. I feel like they’re giving me everything,” she said.

American Society of Interior Designers and the center are raising money to provide the families with clothes and supplies after Hurricane Sandy washed away many of the supplies. Check out the video above and find out how you can help here.