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Three months after Superstorm Sandy destroyed thousands of homes in late October, Northeast lawmakers will finally vote to pass a $50 billion-plus bill in the Senate that will aid victims.

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The long-delayed disaster aid package that passed the House last week will be taken up by the Senate under an agreement to allow two votes, each requiring a supermajority of 60 to prevail.

The Senate had previously approved its own Sandy package on Dec. 28, but Speaker John Boehner pulled the bill from the House calendar and let it fall to the floor in the last days of the 112th Congress. After New Jersey Chris Christie rallied Republicans and many members passionately pleaded to have the bill pass, the Northeast prevailed Jan. 15 by winning House passage of the bill that will now come before the Senate Monday.

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It’s about time!! With the weather getting colder, people really need that aid. And ASAP!

SOURCE: Politico