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A day after the United States decided to give POTUS Barack Obama four more years, the word president is on everyone’s tongue. 

VIDEO: Telli “F@#k School (Money Over Everything)”

This includes the boy Telli, who is one half of up-and-coming rap duo Ninjasonik. On Monday, Telli dropped his 2 Legit mixtape; and attached along to that project is the old school sounding “The President.”

“The President” isn’t an ode to our recently reelected Commander-and-Chief, rather it’s a lighthearted track about Telli’s own aspirations.

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On the track he says:

“They used to tell me I can be the president. Well, f*ck you for telling me that stupid sh*t. I’m trying to meet a rich b*tch and get her pregnant. So I can have her pay for me and go places I’ve never been.”

The song is crack and so is the video, which features Telli and his boys roaming New York City. 

“The President” is just one of many dope songs featured on 2 Legit, which you can peep here