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Where do we even start with this one? 

Some very wise people with powers from on high, decided to pair the two most desired women in the world up for a sexy photo shoot that almost, just almost, borders on Cinemax after dark content. 

PHOTOS: RiRi Says “Phuck Yo Amateur Modeling,” Backstage At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 

After the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wrapped last night, Rihanna took to her favorite social media medium to post a first look at what is rumored to be her V Magazine shoot with Kate Moss.

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Rihanna embodies the masculine role in the shoot, clutching Kate’s leg close to her bare chest and posing cheek to cheek with the supermodel.

If Rihanna wasn’t already killing it as the biggest pop star in the world, she would definitely be giving these models a run for their career money. Check out the photos in the gallery above!