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Everyone’s talking about the hoopla surrounding the General David Petraeus sex scandal that gets racier and more controversial as the story unfolds. 

STORY: General Petraeus Testifies About US Attacks In Libya 

Many facts of the case have already been revealed regarding the affair that caused the Army general to resign from his position as the director of the CIA last week. This includes the fact that FBI agent Frederick Humphries discovered that the 60-year-old general was having an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. The affair was exposed because Broadwell sent a woman named Jill Kelley a series of back-up-off-my-man emails from an anonymous account. Once Humphries linked Broadwell to the emails, he also discovered that she was creeping with Petraeus.  

Supposedly, Humphries thought that their affair could be a threat to national security, and because he thought that the investigation was moving too slowly, he tipped off House Republicans about the case. However, Humphries himself is also under investigation because he sent Jill Kelley a shirtless picture of himself. Not to mention, Jill Kelley is under an investigation because it was discovered that she and General John Allen exchanged sexual emails as well.

A love scandal like this has left us all wanting more! Here’s 21 questions we are dying to know…

General Questions About The Sex Scandal:

1. This is a question for debate: Should a top-tie official be forced to step down from their position because of a fault in their personal life?

2. Is it just us, or is it totally weird that Petraeus’s surrogate, Michael Morell, is a proud asexual man who will probably never make the same mistakes as Petraeus by getting caught up in a sex scandal? 

3. Under our current laws, does the federal government have too much access to search Americans’ online activities?

4. Is there a protocol for sexting in the military?

5. Does General Petraeus use the code name “classified information” to refer to his private areas?

6. How does Petraeus feel about RiRi and Chris Brown’s new hit “Nobody’s Business?” 

General Petraeus:

7. Who pursued who first in your affair, or did the feelings arise mutually?

8. Have you always had a thing for younger women?

9. Did you tell your wife about the affair, or did she find out about it through a breaking news report?

Jill Kelley:

A central character in this love scandal is Jill Kelley, a socialite and respected military volunteer who has been framed as the “other, other woman.” As the case continues to unfold, it was discovered that she and General John Allen exchanged 10,000 pages of emails, some that were sexual in nature, while Frederick Humphries sent her a shirtless photo of himself. Here’s our questions for her:

10. Do you enjoy all the attention you get from the gentlemen and how’s your marriage going?

11. Who’s cuter: Petraeus, Allen or Humphries?

12. How does it feel to be in the room with both a lover and your husband?

13. Did you know that you share your name with Jilly Kelly, the legendary porn star?

Frederick Humphries:

13. What was Kelley’s reaction to the shirtless photo you sent her?

14. Did Jill Kelley ever send you a scandalous photo?

15. What was your MO behind tipping House Republicans off about your investigation?

16. Are you in love with Jill Kelley?

General John Allen:

Afghan war chief Gen. John Allen was nominated to take over Europe, however his promotion has been placed on hold because of the suggestive emails turned up in the investigation. In addition, if he is found to have committed adultery, he could be prosecuted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which states that adultery is a crime for military personnel when it breaks their honor of good order and discipline.

Our questions for him are:

17. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever written to a woman via email? 

18. When it’s time to get dirty via technology, do you prefer sexting, Skype or email?

Holly Petraeus

David’s wife of 37-years, Holly, is an innocent victim who is also suffering at the hands of the affair. This is what we would ask her:

19. Are you curious about what Paula Broadwell wrote about your husband in her book All In?

20. Will you ever be able to trust your husband?

21. Did you ever suspect that he was a cheater?

Let us know what questions you have about this scandal in the comment box below!