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It looks like there might be a little more than trouble in paradise!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been going through a rough break up the past few weeks, and have tried to work things out later this past week, but it’s not as successful as we would hope.

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Last night, the two former lovebirds went to dinner in LA to reconcile, but apparently the conversation went left field quickly as the two were spotted leaving within 5 minutes of arriving.

The Biebs definitely looked like something was wrong, and Selena was quick to get out of there and rush back to her Beverly Hills mansion.

Back at the house, apparently Justin followed Selena, but she refused to let him in to her gated home, leaving him outside asking her for access repetitively!

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From the pictures posted on Daily Mail, it’s clear Justin was not happy at all about being left outside.

In one picture, while Justin is on the phone and visibly upset, Selena is seen in the background behind her gate watching as the paps snap away!


From the looks of it, sadly, this may be the last try for rekindling for Justin and Selena.

Head over to Daily Mail for the pictures of Justin outside Selena’s crib!