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Big Sean makes confirmation numero cuatro for G.O.O.D Music’s Cruel Winter album!

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Earlier this fall, Q-Tip and Pusha T hinted that there would be a follow up album to G.O.O.D Music’s acclaimed compilation album Cruel Summer, but it was still always up in the air. 

A few weeks later, Q-Tip officially confirmed Cruel Winter along with Wu-tang Clan’s Raekwon, who also said he may be featured on the album. 

During a recent interview, G.O.O.D Music’s rising star Big Sean confirmed that the rumors and hearsay are actually true and fans will be getting a Cruel Winter album in early 2013. 

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When asked about a G.O.O.D Music compilation album, Big Sean responded: 

“Oh God! Swerve. Umm, yeah you’re going to get it. Pause. I know I did something for Cruel Winter and I was like ‘god damnit I might need to cut this for my album,’ because it was really good. “Clique” was supposed to be on my album, but we ended up using it for Cruel Summer, I was like ‘goddamnit.’ We got so many singles it doesn’t even matter.” 

Cruel Winter is indeed on its way, just don’t count on the album arriving anytime before Christmas.

SOURCE: TeamKanyeDaily