The Life Of Pablo rapper stopped by Los Angeles' 92.3 radio show with Big Boy to premiere the untitled Cruel Winter single.

Big Sean makes confirmation numero cuatro for G.O.O.D Music’s Cruel Winter album! NEW MUSIC: Big Sean “Guap” Earlier this fall, Q-Tip and Pusha T hinted that there would be a follow up album to G.O.O.D Music’s acclaimed compilation album Cruel Summer, but it was still always up in the air.  A few weeks later, Q-Tip […]

Don’t be cruel.  DETAILS: Q-Tip Says Cruel Winter Album Is Coming Soon  Just when fans thought they were one step closer to absorbing everything Cruel Winter, they receive a cruel blow that the Cruel Winter film trailer does not involve Kanye West.  Fuse caught up with the film’s director Austin Christianson, who was a little […]

Cruel Winter is coming! LIST: 10 Artists We Want To Hear On Cruel Winter Director Austin Christianson, who has worked on promos for Rihanna and directed videos for Wiz Khalifa, posted the trailer of Kanye’s forthcoming project, Cruel Winter, on his personal YouTube page.  The project has been rumored to be the follow up to […]

A little after G.O.O.D. Music killed the summer with their compilation album, Cruel Summer, legendary rapper Q-Tip hinted at a possible Cruel Winter album.  VIDEO: Q-Tip & Pusha T Hint At Cruel Winter Album  Well, according to The Last Zulu rapper, Cruel Winter is definitely in the works, and he will be featured on the […]

What’s a cruel summer without a cruel winter?  LIST: Skrillex & Other Odd Kanye West Collaborations  Same thing we asked. If G.O.O.D. Music rapper Q-Tip is correct, fans better start preparing, because this winter could be brutal.  During a recent red carpet interview, Q-Tip hinted at a sequel for G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer album.  Q-Tip […]


‘I bring a brand of hip pop that is extremely vulnerable and I think that has become my sound,’ said Drake. ‘I think when someone delves deep into their life people are always saying he be rapping on some Drake sh*t.’ Drake’s debut studio album,Thank Me Later, sold 447,000 records in its first week, reaching […]

Drake’s Twitter Grind Up is a complete break down and analysis of Drake‘s twitter page. For months we have followed Drake‘s Twitter, some might even say we have stalked his twitter page, and after our evaluation we give Drake 7 out of 10 Grinds. GlobalGrind’s Twitterscope: Drake’s use of twitter is not that thrilling. Sporadically […]


Hurricane Katrina not only destroyed a city but eliminated a community. As the five year anniversary approaches, we’ve compiled some pics that told the story of the ravaged city. These are some of the most heart breaking photos that have ever been published, the storm that shook America is revisited. It’s hard to believe that it has been five years […]


Something as prestigious as receiving 5 Mics from The Source magazine does not come often. In fact it has been five years since the bible of hip hop has honored an artist with such accolades, and fans are anxiously awaiting the newest issue of the mag to find out which album impressed them the most. […]