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Looks like the dude with the Mitt Romney face tattoo has some regrets after all!

PHOTOS: Man With Mitt Romney Face Tatt Says He Has No Regrets! 

Eric Hartsburg, a 30-year-old professional wrestler in Indiana, has decided to remove his permanent tat of the Romney-Ryan campaign logo, which he inked on his forehead in the fall. Hartsburg told POLITICO that he can no longer support the defeated GOP candidate since he heard Romney accuse President Obama of giving “gifts” to certain constituencies in order to win the election.

POLITICO reports:

Hartsburg put the space on his face up for sale on eBay and was paid $5,000 to get the 5-by-2-inch tattoo. After the Romney-Paul Ryan ticket lost on Nov. 6, Hartsburg had no regrets, telling POLITICO he was “glad to know that I did all that I could” and insisting he would never have the tat removed.

But he’s had a change of heart.

Hartsburg tells POLITICO he plans to get the tattoo lasered off, a process that could take a year.

Tattoo removal chain Dr. TATTOFF offered to remove it for free, an offer Hartsburg originally rejected, telling POLITICO earlier this month, “I still love the ink and I am a man of my word and will keep the tattoo for life.”

But then he heard some of Romney’s post-election comments, most notably his claim that the president won reelection because of “gifts” given to various constituencies.

“It stands not only for a losing campaign but for a sore loser,” Hartsburg said. “He’s pretty shameful as far as I’m concerned, man. There’s no dignity in blaming somebody else for buying votes and paying off people. I can’t get behind that or stay behind that.”

As a result, Hartsburg changed his mind and decided to accept Dr. TATTOFF’s offer. Next week, Hartsburg will fly to Los Angeles for the first tattoo removal session, which will be led by Will Kirby, who is known for his appearances on reality shows such as “Big Brother” and “Dr. 90210.” Dr. TATTOFF will pay for the removal, which normally runs about $1,000.

Hartsburg should definitely think twice before he plasters another tattoo on his face!