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After New York City police took him in for questioning on Tuesday, Naeem Davis, 30, was arrested on a charge of murder Wednesday for shoving a subway rider to his death.


Witnesses told investigators that Ki-Huck San of Queens, NY, was pushed onto the tracks by Davis after the suspect, who was seen talking to himself, approached Han, where an altercation ensued.  

Security surveillance showed a man fitting Davis’ description working with street vendors near Rockefeller Center, prompting police to take him into custody. Police said that Davis has made statements implicating himself in the incident; he was arrested on a second-degree murder charge. It is unclear whether or not he has a lawyer. 

According to the Associated Press, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that it appeared Davis had “a psychiatric problem.”

The mayor said Han, “if I understand it, tried to break up a fight or something and paid for it with his life.”

News of Davis’ arrest comes after the New York Post ran a controversial photograph of Han unable to climb off the tracks in time, shot by freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi. The photograph has caused an uproar about whether or not the photographer had time to help Han in the 22-seconds before the train struck.


PHOTO SOURCE: Courtesy of NBC New York