In 2012 beautiful women ruled our world, with contenders like Rihanna and Beyonce, but we still couldn’t take our eyes off the men! 

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Whether it was seeing these guys grace a billboard, or get gorgeous on the big screen, the ladies didn’t want to take their eyes away from the prize.

It took some tough debating amongst our GlobalGrind staff, but we’ve finally come up with our list of the sexiest men of 2012.

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These are the men that we believe will leave all the ladies hot and bothered coming into 2013.

Check out our list of beautiful men below!

Honorable Mention – Scott Disick – The dad of Mason and Penelope didn’t earn a spot on our top 12, but he does deserve some recognition for having one heck of a year. His recent new scruffy look is also definitely earning him some good looking points!

Honorable Mention – Matt Kemp – While he may not have been in the spotlight this year, we have to put Matt as an honorable mention since he is an ex-boyfriend of Rihanna! Being chosen by the woman of the year has to mean you are extremely special. I mean, that smile does seem pretty irresistible, ladies.

12. Nas – Although he’s been in the rap game for almost 2 decades now and argued as one of the greatest lyricists out, Nas is still an underdog when it comes to being seen for his looks. The man has an impeccable smile, and definitely drinks from the same fountain of youth as Halle Berry. As he said on his Life Is Good album this year of himself: “Spotlight on me, I still look 20, still get money.” 

11. Jesse Williams – It’s just something about those eyes that get women’s hearts everywhere to melt. From showing up as a hero on Grey’s Anatomy where he saves peoples lives, there’s a lot of sexy traits about Jesse. Not to mention he has some adorable freckles!

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Not only has Joseph shown that he’s no long the skinny teenager he once was in 3rd Rock From The Sun, but he’s also grown into one of the more prominent actors working with the big leagues.

9. Tom Hardy – The sexiest men list definitely needed someone who is a little rougher around the edges, which is where Tom comes in. Starring as the rebellious and mysterious Bane in the The Dark Knight Rises, one of the best movies of the year, he certainly gets our vote.

8. Chris Hemsworth – There is just one word to describe why Chris Hemsworth deserves a spot on our list and that would be: Thor.

7. A$AP Rocky – Although he might have been just another guy from Harlem over a year ago, A$AP has blown up in 2012, and the ladies can’t get enough of him. When he takes out his grill from his mouth, his beautiful pearly whites are there to make women melt!

6. Frank Ocean – This man singlehandedly stole every woman’s heart around the globe when he sang his heart out on Channel Orange, one of the best albums of 2012. He’s blown up to become a singing sensation after revealing that he had a relationship with a man, but also has set the bar high when it comes to pleasing to the ladies.

5. David Beckham – It seems like Mr. Beckham can do no wrong in the looks department, but this year was definitely one of his best years: he was the face of H&M clothing!

4. Michael Ealy – He starred in one of the biggest box office hits of the year, Think Like A Man, where men’s ears bled across the country when girls shrieked in the movie theater from his sex scene. That’s enough right there to make any sexy list.

3. Idris Elba – With an accent, muscles, and a stern but sexy look, Idris has stolen the hearts of women all around the globe. Even men have admitted that they would more than likely lose their girlfriend to this man!

2. Channing Tatum – From starring in one of the funniest movies of the year 21 Jump Street, to taking it all off for Magic Mike, Channing couldn’t NOT be on the list. After being named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive this year, he’s certainly a hottie to look out for. On top of that, he’s about to be a father!

1. Ryan Gosling – Is there even an explanation for Ryan being number one? With eyes that will grasp your soul, a flawless facial structure, and a killer body, he captures our hearts almost too easily.

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