end of the year 2012

  It’s a new year and there’s a new notch on the belt for the amount of times we have survived the end of the world, but some other things were not so lucky.  STORY: WINNING! 12 People Who Had The Best Year Ever!  We’ve sat through divorces, resignations, presidential debates and a plethora of reality […]

2012 has been a hell of a year. We’ve seen a man break the sound barrier with his body, we saw a Korean rapper named PSY beat out Justin Bieber in YouTube views, and an irreverent seven-year-old named Honey Boo Boo captured the hearts of most of us.  We also saw Kanye West make front […]

A couple of years ago, people were seriously asking if “hip-hop was dead,” but you don’t really hear that kind of talk anymore. Hip-hop music is as healthy as it has ever been. LIST: The 12 Best Singles Of 2012  The best thing about rap music is that there’s something for everyone, whether you want […]

Face it, 2012 was kind of an epic year for music. Kanye and Jay stayed on top of the throne, but left plenty of room for newcomers like Trinidad Jame$ and Chicago native Chief Keef to dominate the airwaves with a fresh twist on hip-hop. Just about every site, including us, has done the deed […]

Remember scrunchies and finger waves and jheri curls? Of course you do, because they are some of the most infamously regrettable beauty trends like, ever. Sure we have done some crazy things for the sake of staying on trend, but when you look back at some of the ones you indulged in in 2012 this […]

The holiday season is almost over and we here at GlobalGrind got exactly what we wanted: President Obama’s second term. DETAILS: Work Work Work! Obama Leaves Hawaii Early To Keep Us Off Fiscal Cliff  It wasn’t easy. There were some bumps along the way and even some frightening moments when it seemed like the people wouldn’t […]

It’s not fair that the best party night of the year, New Year’s Eve, comes just six days after Christmas. PHOTOS: The Ugliest Of ‘Em All! The 11 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters The Net Has To Offer  Spending mucho dinero on the fam doesn’t leave someone with many options for New Year’s. This is especially true […]

  It’s time for a new year, new experiences, new resolutions and an all around new start, and you can’t step into all of the aforementioned without looking your absolute best.  Like Christmastime, New Year’s Eve is the time you can whip out all the most eccentric show stopping items from your wardrobe. Pull out […]

It’s been quite the whirlwind year in fashion. After covering innumerable amounts of award show red carpets, stalking celebrity street style and picking apart just about every celebrity outfit, I can finally exhale and say some celebrities have really stepped up their game when it comes to knock out looks. PHOTOS: GlobalGrind Picks The AMAs Best […]

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! If you’re planning on spending the holidays with your family, you may very well need a bottle of rum, if not to ease the stresses of holiday preparations, then to make these awesome Christmas-inspired cocktails.  STORY: The Ugliest Of ‘Em All! The 11 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters The Net […]

On the tenth day of Christmas, my manicurist gave to me, 10 painted nails! OK, maybe you don’t need to be gifted the actual nails — unless acrylics are your style — but holiday season is party season and your nails need to fit the bill! STORY: Nailicious! Nicki Minaj Debuts Her Own Nail Colors […]

2012! It was full of excitement, joy, controversy, history in the making and triumph, but for the following people it was the BEST YEAR EVER! From Olympic gold medals to second terms, some folks had some of the best moments pop culture has ever seen. Granted we’ve reached the year’s end and your memory may […]