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It’s been quite the whirlwind year in fashion.

After covering innumerable amounts of award show red carpets, stalking celebrity street style and picking apart just about every celebrity outfit, I can finally exhale and say some celebrities have really stepped up their game when it comes to knock out looks.

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Honorable mention Jessica Biel broke out of her jeans and t-shirt routine for some top notch designer digs, Kristen Stewart stopped wearing atrocious sneakers on the red carpet, and Blake Lively took her style from Gossip Girl to the real world.

We would like to say all this fashion improvement across the board started when Kanye threw out Kim’s entire wardrobe, but no one man can have all that power, at least not for anyone but Kim, who seriously switched her swag after dating Yeezy.  

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Some faces are new, some styles are well seasoned, but after much debate we have decided on our best dressed females of 2012. Don’t like our list? Well, we don’t like your shoes, so let’s agree to disagree. 

Check out the top 12 best dressed celebrities of 2012 below. 

12. Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss….Whoops, I mean Jennifer, is the ultimate example of a star being made. She went from an almost frumpy personal style to sashaying in skin tight dresses and stunning evening gowns. The bigger her celebrity gets, the better we know her fashion will get if she keeps up all this red carpet greatness. 

11. Rita Ora

The best thing about Rita? She isn’t afraid to try shit when it comes to fashion. Her looks are typically very comfortable and bordering on tomboy chic. She would have made it higher on our list if not for a few red carpet mishaps that left us scratching our heads. 

10. Miranda Kerr

The VS model is our vote for street style star! Whether she is carrying baby Bloom on her hip, or toting a purse in killer heels, the model always looks flawless when she hits the streets. 

9. Beyonce

In the past, catching a glimpse of Bey was a rarity, but now that she has her very own Instagram we can keep up with what the king is donning, and so far she has shown us an impressive look inside her personal wardrobe, not to mention that she slays looks courtside at every single Nets game.

8. Kim K

Kim Kardashian is on this list thanks to her darling boyfriend Kanye. At first when her style made the switch from Cali girl to dark leathers, she had some problems mixing and matching her new trends, but she has since mastered a number of Kanye inspired looks and we must give her props for that. 

7. Elle Fanning

How crappy did you dress when you were 14? Elle Fanning has grown up in the spotlight, but that really doesn’t mean she was cut out to conform to the designer cookie cutter looks. She plays with colors, textures and OTT concepts for a fun, age appropriate look every time. 

6. Blake Lively

Blake must have been picking up some pointers from the set of Gossip Girl, because she has it fashionably going on. The new bride made a number of red carpet appearances this summer, looking unrealistically beautiful. Her strong point is her ability to find items that fit her to the tee. 

5. Michelle Obama

We love Michelle Obama, but that isn’t why she’s on this list. As a mom and a wife (and you know… First Lady) Michelle has her finger on the pulse of what is fashionable for her age range, a realistic budget and her body. That in itself is a skill that keeps her impeccably dressed at all times. 

4. K. Stewart

Let’s be honest, Kristen Stewart was a nightmare on the red carpet for much of her career. We’re talking sneakers and smug smiles, but following her scandal earlier this year, Stew has seriously stepped her game up and dominates almost every single red carpet…and keeps her heels on. 

3. Rihanna 

Very few people have the ability to keep their sex appeal even when they are covered from head to toe in clothing, but Rihanna can. With her classic red lips and ever changing hair, Rihanna has crossed the boundary of menswear and womenswear successfully at least once a week. You go girl. 

2. Emma Stone

Being Spiderman’s girlfriend is no easy task, but with her embroidered frocks and pretty button ups, Emma Stone makes it appear like it is. Name a red carpet that Emma hasn’t looked flawless on, we’ll wait…


With her affinity for bold prints, bright colors and up and coming designers, how could we not give Solange the number one spot on our best-dressed list? She has broken out of her sister’s shadow, called Brooklyn her own and let her environment influence not just her taste in clothing, but also her impeccable taste in interior décor. 

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