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On the tenth day of Christmas, my manicurist gave to me, 10 painted nails!

OK, maybe you don’t need to be gifted the actual nails — unless acrylics are your style — but holiday season is party season and your nails need to fit the bill!

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We want you ripping open those gifts in manicured style, so take a look through our holiday nail art gallery and ensure that your fingertips are fit to party. Fun holiday fingernails are a fun conversation starter and a perfect diversion to distract from the fact that you’ve already consumed a plate of holiday cookies. 

Don’t let your manicure get caught slipping while you’re gripping your egg nog! Check out some of our favorite holiday nail designs below, and then get your design in mind. 

Candy canes aren’t just for the tree anymore. Throw a little pink stripe in the mix to keep the red and white looking pearly. 

Oh, hey Santa! You brought along Rudolph and a reef for this cool little Christmas manicure? Yay!

Glitter screams holiday, and so does this fun festive manicure that can carry you straight into the New Year. 

Tired of all the red and white for the holiday? Switch it up with these blush cheeked Rudolphs. 

Snow nails! This is all about the winter wonderland, and even if the snow isn’t falling down outside, have a little chill with these. 

Glitter on glitter on glitter on mistletoe? You might get lucky with these nails. 

Christmas sweater to the nails! 

Marbling paired up with Rudolph? How can that not be a win?

Want to shy away from being over festive but still have a little fun? These nude pink studded nails are the perfect way to get a little bit of holiday flavor without too much Santa-isms. 

We haven’t seen much Frosty, but this mani is a whole snow scene!