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At least they’re consistent!

Today when the National Rifle Association finally spoke out and addressed the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, I thought, for some strange reason, this time would be different.

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Never have I seen the outpour of support and love for a mass shooting that I have for Newtown. Republicans and Democrats are showing it in an unprecedented bipartisan way, by agreeing that the gun violence needs to stop. Some have pulled membership, others have vocally supported the assault weapons ban, others have vowed to do whatever it takes to reform gun-control. 

And with the NRA silent for so long, I thought, “maybe they are changing direction.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I never expected the largest lobbyist organization in America to pull their support from guns. Not when the NRA represents gun manufacturers. Financial suicide…that’s not what they want.

BUT I did expect that they would figure out another way to support our fight in protecting our nation’s children…hell, our nation period.

Instead this happened:

After a week of silence, the NRA recognized everyone’s role in the shooting, even Mortal Kombat, but they refused to agree that less guns were the answer. More guns, they said. More guns in school. Armed guards with guns. Because, they said, only a good guy with a gun could stop a bad guy with a gun.

Spaghetti western anyone?

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Are we disgusted and confused at GlobalGrind? Yes. But shocked…not so much. Check out how the NRA addressed other mass shootings. And then kick yourself for expecting any different from the organization:

Fort Hood, TX, November 5, 2009, 13 dead:

Per usual, the NRA stayed silent for five days. Then, in a statement, they argued that restricting access to firearms would be unproductive. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) introduced an NRA-backed law that prevented military commanders from discussing gun safety with off-base soldiers who deny that they are not suicidal or homicidal. That’s confusing, but basically the law acts as a counterbalance to attempts by the Department of Defense to track off-base soldiers’ ownership of guns after the Fort Hood massacre. Aka, weaker gun safety laws.

Chardon, OH., February 27, 2012, Three dead:

The NRA started off like they did today…they sent prayers to the families and the Chardon community. But just 22 days later, the NRA pushed for an Indiana law that allowed civilians to open fire on public servants, including police officers, if they felt like victims. Unlawful intrusion is what they called it.

Aurora, CO., July 20, 2012, 12 dead:

The blow of yet another bill that legally allowed individuals to carry exposed firearms in public in Florida (of all places) was heightened by a letter the NRA penned that asked for donations to protect the Second Amendment. No prayers were given here. 

Minneapolis, MN., September 27, 2012, Five dead:

The organization kept mum…for a month and a half. Afterwards, an NRA-backed bill was introduced to Texas that would reduce the training required to get a concealed carry permit to four hours. The bill, fortunately, was defeated in Ohio…just ONE DAY before the Sandy Hook shooting.

Tucson, AZ., January 8, 2011. Six dead:

Surprisingly the NRA released a statement in a timely matter to denounce the “senseless tragedy.” But just three months later, they lobbied to pass a bill allowing concealed weapons in every building without metal detectors.

Tulsa, OK., April 6, 2012, Five dead:

With gross neglect and insensitivity to the shooting, the NRA posted a blog the very next day about the Tulsa Arms Show. An Oklahoma law was passed a month later that allowed people to carry concealed weapons without a permit if they lived in a state that does not require a concealed-carry permit.

So. What have we learned? Either silence or laws to make it easier to obtain and carry weapons will solve the gun problem in America.

That’s good to know. I was starting to think we would never find the answer. 

I need to get my sarcasm under control.

Christina Coleman

Christina Coleman is the News and Politics Editor at GlobalGrind. As a former science writer, she is obsessed with NASA, equality, and is a self-proclaimed foodie with a crush on Anthony Bourdain.

SOURCE: Think Progress 


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