Killer Mike, who faced criticism for doing an interview about gun control with the NRA, is back in the public spotlight for putting his foot in his mouth yet again. It all started when he took some time out of his Sunday morning to address MSNB host and correspondent Joy Reid. Reid had been one […]

This past weekend Killer Mike caused a wave of controversy when he did an interview with NRA TV advocating gun ownership and condemning the school walkouts over gun control. He immediately faced backlash for doing the interview, especially since the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been notoriously silent on what it means to be a […]

The politically-active lyricist made a lot of questionable statements in his recent NRA co-sign.

No one knows what it will take for the NRA to take the conversation of gun reform seriously. If they won’t listen to people’s words, maybe this classic clip from Shameless will give them a better visual understanding of the potential dangers of arming teachers with guns:   Ridiculousness.

Months before taking the lives of nine people at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church, Dylann Roof visited the South’s most notorious slave plantations and landmarks, and then shared his experiences on his blog. According to Daily Mail: The 21-year-old posted images of himself visiting the sites steeped in racial history on his blog – where he also penned a ranting, […]

While defense attorney Cory Strolla uses language from the Stand Your Ground law to move along what he hopes will be the acquittal of client Michael Dunn, the controversial legislation is about to see a major change. Thanks to lobbying from the National Rifle Association, a state Senate panel considered a bill this week to […]

Remember back in December when National Rifle Association Vice President Wayne LaPierre said there weren’t enough “good guys” with guns at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? Well, he’s at it again and now he’s suggesting that those good guys with guns weren’t at the Navy Yard massacre in Washington D.C. last week either. During […]

Looks like being gun fanatics backfired on the Nugents this week. Gun enthusiast (and board member of the NRA) Ted Nugent probably caught a scare on Thursday when his wife, Shemane, was arrested at a Dallas, Texas airport after authorities discovered she carried a gun into the terminal. The arrest took place at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport. It’s unclear […]

It’s no secret that the racial climate in this country hasn’t always been positive. But for many, it wasn’t until the killing of Trayvon Martin that the racial war actually hit home. Media pundits, George Zimmerman supporters and Stand your Ground advocates all justified Trayvon’s death – but instead of falling back on the law […]

When the NSA wiretapping “scandal” hit the airwaves and the World Wide Web last week, mainstream media’s talking heads and bloggers alike were outraged. Some at the government, and others towards the whistleblower Edward Snowden. I, on the other hand, was unfazed.  As a self-proclaimed news junkie, I became aware of this issue back in […]