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Killer Mike, who faced criticism for doing an interview about gun control with the NRA, is back in the public spotlight for putting his foot in his mouth yet again.

It all started when he took some time out of his Sunday morning to address MSNB host and correspondent Joy Reid. Reid had been one of the many who criticized Killer Mike’s NRA interview and he couldn’t wait for the right time to catch her slipping. Unfortunately for him, the time was not now.

The problem began when Killer Mike trolled Joy Reid’s Instagram page to find out that she was using “H&M” for a recent photoshoot. He questioned how she could support “H&M” after the “monkey on the playground” fiasco, yet criticize him for his NRA interview. Only one major problem, in this instance, H&M refers to hair and makeup. It all makes perfect sense when you use your context clues.


Joy gathered Killer Mike and sent him on his way so badly that he was taking L’s from the entire Black Twitter delegation for the remainder of the weekend.

After the public dragging, Killer Mike deleted his tweet and issued somewhat of an apology.


It was honestly too little too late. The damage was already done. We already know what comes after a burn like this. That’s right, Charlemagne Tha God will make you Donkey of the Day on The Breakfast Club the next morning. However, before Charlemagne could do so, Killer Mike took it upon himself to call in and give himself a hee-haw.

Killer Mike still had to catch these jokes, though. Hit the flip to see what Twitter had to say about  Killer Mike’s snafu.

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