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Remember back in December when National Rifle Association Vice President Wayne LaPierre said there weren’t enough “good guys” with guns at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting?

Well, he’s at it again and now he’s suggesting that those good guys with guns weren’t at the Navy Yard massacre in Washington D.C. last week either.

During a talk with Meet the Press, LaPierre even charged that the base was “completely unprotected” when Aaron Alexis entered, and he called for even more armed guards on the military facility (where armed guard presence is already heavy).

GREGORY: This is similar. After Newtown, you were outspoken in saying more security was the answer…This was the Navy Yard. There were armed guards there, Mr. LaPierre. Does that not undermine your argument?

LAPIERRE: No, the whole country knows the problem is there weren’t enough good guys with guns! When the good guys with guns got there, it stopped. […]

GREGORY: “Can it be the sliding scale where, you do have armed guards there, but now there’s not enough armed guards? And when it comes to schools, if only we had an armed guard, and then if we had teachers with weapons, then we could stop it. I mean, where does it stop?

In reality, the “good guys with guns” were on the scene within two to three minutes and security guards, one of whom died, were already going after Alexis. Which supports the grim fact that most gunmen are able to do what they came to do (especially with semi-automatic rifles) within a few minutes.

Which also means that LaPierre has to get a new defense statement. Because that “good guys with guns” thing is just played out.

SOURCE: Think Progress

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