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To many die-hard fans of Polo by Ralph Lauren, sometimes referred to as “Lo-Heads,” the Polo Bear is as good a classic as it gets. To those who’ve followed the brand for a while, you know that the only way to currently get a sweater with the stylish bear rocking Ralph Lauren from head to toe was to search eBay or wear kid sizes. 

Although t-shirts have been available in the outlet as a novelty item, there has not been an adult Polo Bear Sweater since the early 2000s.

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The intricate weaving of a Polo Bear knit often consisted of a variety of materials which made it an expensive item to produce. If the sweater was wool but the bear was wearing a cashmere sweater then that small area would be 100 percent cashmere. It was the special details that made the sweater special to both Lo-Heads and casual Polo Ralph Lauren wearers. Fans of the Polo Bear will be happy to know that Ralph Lauren’s Vintage collection is planning on the triumphant return of the iconic sweater style and it may actually be all up to you.

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As a part of the Ralph Lauren “Bring It Back” program that has successfully re-introduced iconic and memorable items from the Ralph Lauren archives, the Polo Bear is up for election as the next item to come back and not only that, you get to choose which one you would like to bring back. You can get all of the information and cast your vote by visiting the RL Vintage website.

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