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New Jersey governor Chris Christie is fired up and ret-ta-go!

DETAILS: C’Mon Now!! House GOP Scrap Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill After Fiscal Deal Reached

In response to Congress scraping a Hurricane Sandy aid bill on the floor last night, Christie joins the handful of politicians personally angry at the House for jeopardizing the future and lives of thousands of Americans who need disaster relief after the superstorm.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Christie blasted his own party, specifically House Speaker John Boehner:

“Only one group is to blame for the continuing suffering: the House majority and their Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).”

“Shame on you, shame on Congress,” Christie said. “My hope is that the good people in Congress will prevail upon their colleagues to finally put aside the politics and help our people now.” 

Christie continued, speaking about Congress members’ oversight in the situation.

“They’re so consumed by their own palace intrigue- that they forget we sent them there.”

A visibly exasperated Christie even pulled out the numbers, comparing how Congress acted on Superstorm Sandy relief to other natural disasters:

“Congress approved relief for Hurricane Andrew in 31 days, 17 for Gustav and Ike, 11 for Katrina. Sandy victims are waiting 66 days and counting.”

NJ and NY are tired of being treated like second class citizens. We deserve better and America deserves better,” he said.

Here are some more quotes (that really hit home) from a fired-up Christie that we TOTALLY agreed with:

On trying to get in touch with Boehner:

“I called the speaker four times last night after 11:20. He did not take my calls. 

On how disaster relief has turned into an atmosphere of “one-upmanship” in Congress:

“You don’t play games with this. Apparently that was ripped out of the House leadership manual last night.”

On the lack of bipartisanship:

“They’re always bickering about something and not getting something done.”

On failing the American people:

“It’s why the American people hate Congress. Unlike the people in Congress we have actual responsibilities.”

How Christie really feels about the lack of action in the House:

“If the people of NJ feel betrayed today by the actions of the House last night, they have good company, I am with them.” 

DETAILS: Tell ‘Em Why You Mad, Son! Boehner Tells Senate To “F*CK” Off After Fiscal Fight 

And so are we! We’re right there with you Christie!


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