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The worlds of fashion and art have forever been closely intertwined. 

Brands from Louis Vuitton to Stussy have worked with a wide range of artists to help with their promotions or even assist with the designing of a capsule collection for the brand. 

And although high fashion may not go the “artist collaboration” route as often as streetwear does, Gucci could be the first high fashion company to collaborate for the New Year.

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Japanese manga artist Hirohiko Araki has incorporated his character Jolyne Cujoh into a campaign for Gucci aptly titled “Jolyne, Fly High with Gucci.” 

Jolyne, the star of Hirohiko’s renowned series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, has a constantly changing appearance, and is featured here inheriting a mysterious treasure from her mother’s Gucci collection, setting off a fantastic fashion journey through a world of neon-tinted Italian renaissance architecture and unicorns printed in Gucci’s “Flora” patterns.

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If you would like to see how the entire story plays out, head down to your local Gucci boutique and view their cruise collection displays, watch the accompanying videos, and read the complete manga on the pages of Gucci’s Facebook or Japan’s Spur magazine. 

For now we have the first two preview images in the gallery above!