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Chad Ochocinco Johnson might not be catching bombs in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he’s lacking lots of commas to fill his bank account. 

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The Pro Bowl Wide Receiver was in court handling his child support matters recently, and TMZ learned that he’s still getting paid! 

Ocho says he pulled in an average of $66,104.66 a month for 2011 … despite not having an NFL salary. Ocho says he earned the cash through “self-employment, partnerships, and/or independent contracts.”

And there are more riches … Chad lists more than $1.28 million in real estate assets, $600,000 in cars, $75,000 worth of furniture, $40,000 in jewelry … and practically NO DEBT.

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Ocho still has time to splurge on himself, dropping $5,000 monthly on entertainment, $3,500 on clothes, $1,000 on pet expenses and $250 on personal “grooming.”

Sounds like Chad is living good. It pays to be blessed and in good favor with God, and after supposedly making up with ex Evelyn Lozada, Ocho is on his way!