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Things between Rihanna and her ex-accountant are getting pretty ugly, since her mother is now being included in the drama.

The firm that handled a lot of the Bajan beauty’s finances is now getting personal by dragging her mom into the case, but she isn’t having it!

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According to TMZ, the firm wants to interview RiRi’s mom for their defense after she is suing them for mismanaging her finances and taking above-standard commission.

The site reports:

Specifically, the firm says RiRi’s mom has direct knowledge of the situation — she signed the contract since Rihanna was a minor at the time — and they even offered to fly to Barbados (where mama lives) in order to have the chit chat. 
But Rihanna shot down that idea, asking a judge to deny the request … claiming the move is simply designed “to inconvenience, burden and harass” Rihanna through her family.

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Apparently the judge shot down Rihanna’s request, so the firm has full permission to talk with her mother about the case.

But the whole ordeal seems to be no sweat off Ri Ri’s back. Last night she took to her Instagram to post a super sexy apparently topless photo for her navy.

Hopefully both parties can work things out soon so that no one loses out on any more money!