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If you haven’t seen MTV’s hit show Catfish, you’re losing on life. 

The premise of the show begins with a once gullible guy named Nev Schulman, who fell in love with a woman online, only to later find out that she wasn’t who he thought she was. 

The blonde perfect 10 he had fallen in love with was actually a lonely, desperate woman who wasn’t necessarily hit with the good gene stick. 

DETAILS: Did Manti Te’O Get Catfished By “Dead” Girlfriend?

Since then, Nev has been on a quest to help other online daters meet their online loves. Most of the Catfish episodes don’t end well, and someone always leaves disappointed. 

Just when we couldn’t get enough Catfish stories, Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o revealed he had been Catfished by a woman online who allegedly died of leukemia. 

GlobalGrind decided to write a guide unveiling 10 tell-tale signs that your online lover isn’t who they say they are.  

Check out the 10 tell-tale signs you’re getting Catfish’d below!

1. If your online lover looks way better than you. 

If you’re overweight, ugly, and have a unibrow and your online lover looks like America’s Next Top Model, then you’re probably getting swindled. No hottie with a body is going to fall in love with a couch potato. It sounds harsh, but this is real life. 

2. If your online lover claims he/she doesn’t own a cell phone or won’t speak with you on the phone. 

If your online love interest refuses to speak with you on the phone, he or she is hiding something. Also, if your love interest claims he or she doesn’t own a cell phone, they’re a damn liar! It’s 2013, everyone in the world has a cell phone, literally. 

3. If your love interest doesn’t have a webcam or Skype. 

Although everyone may not have a new computer with a built-in webcam, there are attachable webcams available. If your love interest is always claiming that their webcam is broken, that means they don’t want you to see the REAL them. 

4. If your online lover is always traveling, but never seems to travel anywhere near you or never comes to visit. 

If your online lover loves to travel, then he or she shouldn’t have a problem coming to visit you. 

5. If your online lover has less than 100 friends on Facebook. 

If you or your online lover don’t have more than 100 friends on Facebook, something is wrong – very, very wrong. A small amount of Facebook friends is a tell-tale sign that the person you’re chatting it up with isn’t real. Take it as a sign from the Facebook gods. 

6. If you and your online lover live in the same state and have never met. 

With the exception of vast states like California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and New York, most people living in the same state shouldn’t be more than 6-8 hours from each other. If you and your online lover live in neighboring towns, and have never met, there is some Catfishing going on. 

7. If your online lover doesn’t tag his or her friends in any of their pictures. 

Back to good ol’ Facebook. Facebook is a social network where people are meant to be social. If your online lover is always pictured with various nameless people, it’s because they probably don’t know them in real life. 

8. If you do a little research on your online lover and something fishy pops up. 

The internet is made for research. If you come across a few things that don’t seem to add up, it’s probably because they don’t. Take those weird fact inconsistencies as a sign from the Catfish angels. 

9. If your online lover never seems to age. 

If you’ve been chatting it up with a girl or guy for three years and they still look like they did when you first met them, there’s a problem.

10. If your online lover is vague. 

If you’ve been chatting online with your love interest for a considerable amount of time and know nothing about their past, present, or future, something is up. Also, if your online interest seems to be open about virtually everything except details about family and their past, then you may have an issue. 

Don’t let it happen to you – or do, and then maybe you can meet Nev…