We all what it means to be “catfished” and most of us have experienced the throws of being “height-fished” — but usually there’s no photo evidence to prove that your perfect date is stature challenged. One Twitter user got exactly what she was looking for in a Valentine, just not in the package she’d hoped. […]

A young woman by the name of Tyggra Shepherd was tricked into renting a South Carolina home that belonged to someone else. The young woman was in the home with her friend and pets when 75-year-old Katherine Lang, the actual home owner, walked in feeling confused. Here’s what Daily Mail says happened: “Shepherd recently signed […]

Not only is Manti Te'o's new girlfriend real, but she's also pretty hot.

The David Letterman Show will air its final episode tonight, and Bill Murray bid Dave a sweet goodbye. In his last appearance on the late night show, Murray emerged from a giant cake before hugging Dave and rubbing icing in the host’s hair. The actor even got the audience involved when he entered the crowd to […]

It’s been three years since Lil Mo released an album, but the R&B singer is back with a new record titled The Scarlet Letter. Chronicling not one, but two divorces, her new relationship, heartache, and discovery, The Scarlet Letter is basically musical drama. But Lil Mo isn’t holding out on the drama for album sales, the 35-year-old […]

Ugh. This family is so perfect, it kills us. Celebrating four years of wedded bliss, Channing Tatum posted a photo of his wife Jenna Dewan and daughter Everly on Friday, adding a caption that detailed his gratitude for his family and, “Another year of love and light.” The ridiculously good-looking couple met on the set of Step Up in 2006 […]

Well, we weren’t expecting this one. Buuut, we aren’t complaining, either. We know it’s not Monday, but we have to admit that we’ve always had a little #mancrush on Nev Schulman, one half of the dynamic duo behind MTV’s “Catfish.” Do you see that face? How could we not? He’s totally got that model look, no? […]

Two Bow Wows at the same damn time! On last week’s thrilling episode of MTV’s Catfish, we found out that a female was impersonating the rapper and 106 & Park host, Bow Wow, and carrying on an online relationship with another woman. Mr. 106 & Park responded to the episode by inviting the fake “Bow […]


Only the good die young. Michael Fortunato of Catfish fame has died at the age of 26. You may remember Mike from his episode of Catfish titled “Mike and Ashley.” Mike and Ashley were in a seven-year relationship online and finally met through the hit MTV show. The New Jersey native died from a pulmonary embolism due […]

MTV’s Catfish aired what could be the wildest episode of the show yet! On last night’s episode of Catfish, a young lady from North Carolina claimed she had been dating rapper Bow Wow via the Internet. Not only had they exchanged romantic and sexual messages for months, but “Bow Wow” also sent her a $10,000 money […]

As anyone who reads GlobalGrind would know, we love us some Catfish.  And watching the Catfish: The TV Show Midseason Reunion last night really reminded a lot of viewers of the craziest instances where people put their trust and loyalty into strangers they met on the internet. While we ate up every Catfish moment so […]

We all know MTV’s Catfish has been a huge hit since it first aired last season. But is Drake taking part in this new season’s TV craze too?! You bet!  As the show goes into its second season, there have been a ton of online spoofs mocking the online dating documentary. And now there’s a particularly […]