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Not only is Manti Te’o‘s new girlfriend real, but she’s also pretty hot.

Te’o rose to infamy in 2013, when he lied about his girlfriend Lennay Kekua’s death and overall existence during his college football career at Notre Dame. He initially stated that his grandmother and girlfriend died in a car accident. After media outlets did some digging, they found out that it was all a hoax and Te’o was actually Catfished. Te’o has remained under the radar for much of his NFL career as a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers.

Well, the new lucky lady is Instagram socialite Jovi Nicole. She used to be a fitness body builder and according to Busted Coverage, the 27-year-old competed in the National Physique Committee in 2013.

Nicole has taken selfies while wearing Te’o’s jersey, so it’s safe to say that things are getting pretty serious.

Since the photos began to circulate around the Internet, Te’o and Nicole set their Instagram accounts to private.

The only available pics of the couple are grainy, but for Manti’s sake, let’s hope they’re not Photoshopped.

SOURCE: TMZ, Busted Coverage | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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