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MTV’s Catfish aired what could be the wildest episode of the show yet!

On last night’s episode of Catfish, a young lady from North Carolina claimed she had been dating rapper Bow Wow via the Internet. Not only had they exchanged romantic and sexual messages for months, but “Bow Wow” also sent her a $10,000 money order.

Oh, and it gets better…

When the fake Bow Wow was never available to Skype or meet up because he was so “busy” filming 106 & Park (with his new co-host Keisha Chante), the young lady became skeptical about whether she had been dating the REAL Bow Wow all this time. That’s when she called the show.

So after Nev and Max got to the bottom of it all and caused the inevitable frenzy on social media, Mr. 106 & Park himself responded to the foolishness with a video inviting the young lady who had been “Catfish’d” onto the show. We won’t ruin the episode for you, but suffice it to say, this girl was NOT dating Bow Wow.

Check out Bow Wow’s video response below.