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As anyone who reads GlobalGrind would know, we love us some Catfish. 

And watching the Catfish: The TV Show Midseason Reunion last night really reminded a lot of viewers of the craziest instances where people put their trust and loyalty into strangers they met on the internet.

While we ate up every Catfish moment so far, there were a few episodes that were more memorable than others. So since we’re half way through this season, why not take a look back at the craziest episodes of Catfish?

1. Mike & Kristen: The latest episode was the story of Mike & Kristen, who had been talking for over 2 years, and only lived an hour away from one another. Mike wanted to see Kristen, but she didn’t want him to see her! Why? Because of her GLASS EYE!

2. Dorion & Jeszica: This one was a little different because Dorion was talking to Jeszica while he had a girlfriend! He was even madder when he found out that Jeszica wasn’t who she said she was, even though Dorion was lying to her about having a girlfriend the whole time.

3. Lauren & Derek: The only couple that wasn’t Catfished! Lauren and Derek’s story is definitely one will be remembered forever.

4. Jasmine & Mike: This was probably one of the most talked about Catfish episodes ever! Jasmine thought she was falling in love with the sweetest guy she’d ever met, but instead, she was fooled by her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend! So wrong…

5. Anthony & Marq: Being run over by a truck seems like the ending of a perfect love story, but for Anthony, it was when the truth about his love was revealed.

6. Cassie & Steve: An engagement?! But to a man you’ve never met before? Sounds a little fishy – and it was.

7. Joe & Kari Ann: It’s believable for a supermodel to fall in love with a country boy! Right. Or for one of your best friends to have a secret crush on you?

8. Sunny & Jamison: You’ve fallen in love with the “Golden Boy” of your dreams and life is sweet. Until you realize that the man you love is really a revengeful teenage girl!