Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood are back for another ad campaign with Gucci! This time around, the actors and their famous faces return courtesy of Gucci’s updated Gucci Guilty scent, Gucci Guilty Black.

This ad campaign is just as sexy as the last, with Chris and Evan both naked once again and engulfed in very Gucci-like red and green lights. 

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The advertisement was shot at Cinecittà Studios, the legendary home of Italian cinema. The fragrance’s viral ad campaign was directed by Sin City creator Frank Miller, and leading fashion photographers Mert & Marcus were again responsible for the print advertising. Mert & Marcus explain:

“We see the couple at night, in flagrante, washed in electric green and red neon. The aura is raw and compelling. very modern, very sexy, very Gucci.”

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You can check out the latest Gucci ad campaign featuring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood as photographed by Mert & Marcus in the gallery above.

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