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Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have been enthralled with this season’s new addition to the mix, Kenya Moore, for a number of reasons.

Aside from her pageant-winning good looks, the former Miss USA has a personality that shakes up the cast, and in her own words is “Gone with the Wind Fabulous.”

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Since spewing the line in an on-camera performance, Kenya has since gone on to record a fun dance track of the same name, but she wants to make two things clear, she is no singer and she is not Beyonce. 

PHOTOS: Kenya Moore Is The Sassy & Classy New Addition To “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

The new member of the RHOA cast sat down with GlobalGrind’s Sharon Carpenter to talk about everything from being mistaken for Beyonce, to her stallion booty workout tape that caused much controversy on the show. And while she isn’t quite Bey, she does have some connections with Jay-Z from back in the day. 

Check out the exclusive interview above.