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Let’s get straight to the point. A trio of 20-somethings created a Facebook app that allows its users to see who on their friend list is down for some casual sex.

BangWithFriends.com makes all of this possible. The app launched a week ago and has already garnered more than 20,000 users.

While some of you are disgusted, there’s a good portion of you who are like “Hell, yeah,” which is perfectly fine. No judgment.

Some of you guys were looking for sex anyway, whether it was cruising the causal encounters section on Craigslist, liking someone’s thirst trap photo on Instagram, making pals with someone on SnapChat, or rating someone on OkCupid.

And an app or service like this just makes things a little simpler, right?

We are living in the world of NOW. You can stream movies, purchase clothes and search for sexual conquests all on the World Wide Web. But all of this can’t be worth it, especially the latter.

The interwebs have ruined all the little things that matter in life. Stumbling across your favorite DVD, finding the perfect pair of jeans that really, really fit, and using actual game conversation to get people into bed to like you.

Like Drew Barrymore’s character, Mary, said in the 2009 hit movie He’s Just Not That Into You, “Things have changed. People don’t just meet organically anymore. If I want to make myself more attractive to the opposite sex, I don’t go get a new haircut – I update my profile. That’s just how it is.”

Now, if Mary wants to get her bones jumped, she can just download the Bang With Friends app and hopefully get laid by the end of the night.

This is just awesome.

As New York Times writer Alex Williams suggested in her piece “The End of Courtship” we live in a “hook-up culture” where a date is a group hangout in an apartment, or bar, text messages are the primary source of communication, and now good lays can be found on the internet — officially.

Even if you aren’t into courting and just interested in banging, wouldn’t you miss the hunt?

Going out with your pals to find some hot guy or girl to bring home. Yeah, friending and poking is cheaper and more convenient than dressing up and spending money at the bar, but come on.

You can’t judge sexual chemistry by a profile picture, and you don’t know whether or not the person you chose is someone you’d want around you, let alone on top of you.

Yeah, she probably looked good in the various angles of her profile pictures, but she can also be annoying as hell.

Sure, he looks adventurous, has a good head of hair and the most beautiful eyes in the world, but that doesn’t mean his breath won’t stink.

My point is that with the internet, you never know what you’re getting. I’d prefer to try on my jeans in-store, and know whether a guy is hygienic before I decide to share a small space with them.

The creators said they developed the app because they felt it would help eliminate rejection and unite people who have a sexual appetite for one another.

“The crowd that we’re looking for is forward and straight about their sexuality,” one of the creators anonymously told The Daily Beast

As much as I despise the idea of technology taking over our dating lives, I don’t think this app will take off.

Gain more users? Sure. Active Users? Not so much. People will join out of curiosity, but I don’t think many will take the leap to make things happen.

I think this project will be more beneficial for people who are already go-getters. You need the confidence to approach someone in real life, and you definitely need to have confidence to approach someone about sex, even if it is online.

If I’m wrong and this app actually becomes a hit, it would be nice if it came attached with an updated STD test result bit. At least the people who are looking for hook-ups on Facebook would know the person they’re sleeping with has a clean sexual background. And since we’re getting invasive, why not a rating from other Bang With Friends users, so you’re guaranteed a great sexual experience.

This is what it’s all coming down to anyway, right?


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