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It’s the little things that make me happy.

I was overjoyed this morning when I woke up and saw that Lil B and Joey Bada$$ were in some kind of lyrical spat.

It started when Joey Bada$$ tweeted this:

It’s a Capital STEEZ lyric from “Survival Tactics” (R.I.P. to the God). Ten minutes later, B responded with the Janet Jackson-sampled “I’m The Bada$$.” And then, sometime in the night, Joey came back with “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”

By any kind of rap battling standards, the tracks are blah. However, the whole scenario made me smile because Lil B is back in the spotlight, if only for day or two.

MUSIC: Joey Bada$$ “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” Lil B Diss 

The kid has taken a hit since 2010, when he was the darling of the Complexs and Pitchforks of the Internet, while being public enemy number one to almost everyone else.

I always had a soft spot for dude.

Yeah, he’s a troll, who, for as long as I’ve been following him, has never broken character, sort of like a hip-hop version of Sacha Baron Cohen.   

He doesn’t take himself seriously, so why should you? Since distancing himself from The Pack, B has called himself everything from “Paris Hilton” to “Miley Cyrus” to “a bitch” to a “faggot.”

Rappers, for some reason, take him serious. B has had beefs with lyrical heavyweights like Joe Budden, Freddie Gibbs and now Joey Bad$$, mostly because they feel like B doesn’t represent what hip-hop is. 

Looking though Twitter, it seems like hip-hop fans were riding with Bada$$ over B. It’s not surprising. Joey is a 17-year-old verbal wizard. He has the spit of a Prodigy in his prime, without the gangsta venom. 

Lil B…is nothing like hip-hop has ever seen before. 

VIDEO: Lil B “Can’t F*ck My B*tch” 

And, honestly that’s why I find myself rooting for B, not only in this beef, but in general. While I like Bada$$, hip-hop needs a Lil B more than the culture needs a Joey Bada$$. He’s the jester of hip-hop, a dude who is totally unpredictable, someone who says he wants peace in the world…but then he gets in a lyrical sparring match. 

Lil B didn’t disappoint this morning, when, after Joey dropped his diss, B tweeted this out: 

Gotta love it, man. I’m still smiling.  

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