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Ray Lewis found himself in some hot water after reports broke that he used deer antler spray in order to speed the recovery of an injury he had this season.

According to Radar Online, Lewis’ alleged use of the product might be working in his favor, since he could be getting an endorsement deal from it!

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The site reports that Antler X, an antler spray company, thinks that the 37-year-old NFL star could be a great endorser of the product after he was accused of using it by Mitch Ross.

While Ray denied all the accusations, he could still get something out of admitting to using the product.

The offer letter states:

“We were very excited to see a recent report that tied you to the use of Deer Antler Velvet Spray!”

“While you have been alleged to have used a competing product, we wanted to let you know that most of our competitors only use between 25-50 mg in their dosage and don’t use ‘New Zealand Red Deer.’ They use an inferior version of the domestic ‘White Tailed’ deer.”

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The company compared Ray Lewis’ potential use to that of pro-golfer Vijay Singh, who did not know the antler spray contained illegal substances while using it.

The letter continues:

“We know you have a big game coming up this weekend with the Superbowl XLVII, and while we know this story has been a distraction for you and your teammates, we’d like to open up a dialog with you immediately following the game.”

Even though it’s potentially illegal to use antler spray, it might be a good idea for Ray Lewis to use it, since the company will be donating $1,000 to the charity of his choice!

Do you think he should take the endorsement?

SOURCE: RadarOnline