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MUSIC: Waka Flocka “Rooster In My Rari”

Waka Flocka vows to stay hood ’til the day that he dies. Our favorite “punk rap” rapper, Waka Flocka Flame, drops a brand new cut.

Enlisting the talents of Lil Wayne, Waka and Weezy keep it hood on the Lex Luger-produced banger. 

“All my n*ggas ride, where I come from, ain’t gon’ feel ones, n*gga/F*ck you thinkin’?/Have a f*ck boy Pacquiao plankin’/‘Til the loud got plain, too, drinkin’/50K for a show, no poppin’,” raps Waka 

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“Rest in peace Lil’ Beezy/I wish my n*gga could see me now/Motherf*ckers better king me/I’mma walk around wearin’ Jesus’ crown,” raps Wayne. 

“Stay Hood” is off Waka’s DuFlocka Rant 2, which is set to drop today. 

Take a listen to Waka and Wayne’s new cut below!