Just last week, a 3-year-old picked up a pink gun that was unsecured in his home. He and his 7-year-old sister were playing with the weapon when it went off, shooting Tmorej Smith in the head. 

PHOTOS: Prayers! 3-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head After Thinking Handgun Was A Toy 

Little Tmorej died. It’s a sad event that will unfortunately be repeated over and over again.

But who’s to blame here? Individuals who neglect proper gun safety procedures, like locking guns away from children, or manufacturers who paint real guns to look like toys?

There’s no doubt that gun owners should be required to learn proper gun storage and safety procedures, but isn’t there something to say for the guns that are painted with whimsical characters and bright colors that might attract children?

In the end, little Tmorej was shot with a real gun, no matter the color, and many more will follow from the same unfortunate and tragic accidents.

But just to play devil’s advocate…how likely would it be for a kid to mistake any of these weapons as toys? 

This gun, with its multi-color design, is almost like something out of a cartoon. But there’s nothing fake about this…the bullets that come out are very real.

This piece looks like it’s made out of heavy duty plastic and the pink hue is deceiving. But a weapon like this is exactly the type of firearm little Tmorej was shot with.

Another “Pretty in Pink” firearm. So you can be deadly…in style.

This purple pistol is just one of the thousands of weapons painted with the popular Hello Kitty character. She’s a popular choice for designer guns, proving that even girls like to go shooting.

Hello Killing?

Too much?

Hello Kitty not your thing? No worries. My Little Pony’s got the 80’s and 90’s babies covered. It even comes complete with a feather at the end, because you know accessories are everything when shooting a rifle.

Sure you haven’t used a gun like this to go laser shooting? Only this pistol is real…and bullets hurt a lot more than red laser lights.

This gun looks pretty real, but if you were a kid who bought cheap guns with orange tips on the end at the Dollar Store, then you’d probably be fooled by this one.

We wonder how long this work of art took? And if Lisa Frank is mad about it.

This one could easily be found in the aisles of Toys R Us. Except that you need a background check and a gun dealer to get this one. 

Liberace would be proud.

Guns are a major part of American culture…as much as apple pie and the idea of freedom are. In other words…they aren’t going away anytime soon.

But is it our responsibility to make sure that guns look like guns and toys look like toys? Does painting these weapons into works of art make guns more accepting and appealing? And if we stop, will that help protect our children in the long run?

You be the judge. 

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