Danique Rosius was arrested the same day he was released from prison.

What Florida police first classified as a murder case actually turned out to be an elaborately planned suicide.

*GRAPHIC* This off-duty cop (and super-Mom) shot a robber outside of her kid’s school while attending a Mother’s Day event.

On Tuesday, YouTube employee Vadim Lavrunsik tweeted that there was an active shooter at the headquarters in San Bruno, California. Later, we found out that the shooter was a young woman name Nasim Aghdam who took her own life on the scene after shooting three people. There are multiple conflicting reports about Aghdam’s motive behind […]

It’s sucks that we live in a nation where a child can peacefully protest against gun violence and suffer serious consequences, but a White man can threaten a kid with a knife at a PTA meeting and be kindly escorted out. The worst part about the entire situation is that not one adult stood up […]

Juelz Santana is making is headlines for the first time in years, but it’s not for new music. On Friday, the Harlemite fled from a Newark Airport after he was caught trying to get a gun through security. TSA found a loaded .38-caliber handgun along with an ID for Santana, whose real name is LaRon […]

Remy Ma’s Sister Arrested In Alleged Shooting and Hit And Run Remeesha Alesia Blount, younger sister of Remy Ma, was arrested earlier this week in Raleigh, NC, after allegedly firing a gun into a car with three women inside and hitting one of them. According to reports, Blount hit the woman who had been shot […]

The rapper was arraigned this week after a run-in with police on Thursday.

Vic Mensa just got a lucky break in his gun case. TMZ reports the Chi-town rapper has accepted a plea deal that will give him two years probation for carrying a concealed weapon, but no jail time. Vic pleaded no contest to carrying a concealed firearm and the second count of carrying an unregistered loaded […]

August Alsina let us know a long time ago that he’s not to be played with — but this time around, he had the protection to back up his actions According to TMZ, the singer allegedly flashed a gun at persistent fans who wouldn’t stop following him while at the grocery store. Law enforcement sources […]