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Just like a good ole Thanksgiving meal, Childish Gambino‘s visuals for “This Is America” is so good that you gotta go back for seconds, or thirds.


The most talked about moment from the video — which is the moment we all knew that Gambino’s character was trippin’ — is Donald’s wicked ‘Jim Crow’ inspired stance as he shot the guy in the head at the beginning of the video.

The video had so many hidden gems and meme-able moments that it has to go down in history as one of the greatest videos of all time. Speaking of memes, the legendary Crow stance has officially been meme-ified:


But folks on the Internet are having mixed feelings about it:

Yikes is right, sis. But on the flip side, some people don’t see the problem with parodying Gambino’s work:


With the sense of humor he has, we’re sure Gambino was well aware that the video would get produce hundreds of hilarious memes. But do you think folks are taking it s a little too far?


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