Yesterday we got the chance to head to Gotham Hall in NYC to check out the Moncler Grenoble presentation for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

Upon entering Gotham Hall, there was a small circular tent in the middle of the room.  Slowly but surely a large group of the night’s attendees got ushered into the tent to see the models, but this was no small assembly of models – it was more like a small army! Moncler assembled about 300 models  all dressed in their Fall/Winter 2013 collection and had them standing in a complete circle around an elevated area presentation area. 

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In all honesty it looked like an evil empire much like Darth Vader’s assembly of Storm Troopers in Star Wars – it also didn’t help that the “Empire” theme from Star Warswas blaring from the sound system. 

The collection seemed to consist of mainly olive greens, black greys and navy blues with a hint of fur on a few pieces but because of the lighting and how the presentation was set up, it was a bit difficult to pay attention to individual pieces. 

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Seeing 300 models all at one time was a bit of a sensory overload and the music made it feel like a ride at Universal Studios but upon further inspection there were a lot of really great pieces, especially if you are an avid skiier.  You can check out some of the photos from the collection above.

Trends spotted: Dark Greens, Fur Piecing

Faces in the front row: Patrick McDonald, James Goldstein

Our rating: It was a great presentation.  Because of the lighting and amount of looks it was a bit hard to see everything but we liked what we saw, especially if you are into winter sports

Our favorite look: Olive green jacket with off center zipper and fur collar with arm warmer cuffs.

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