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Somebody is feeling themselves. 

NEW MUSIC: Justin Bieber “You Want Me” 

Fresh off a Grammy win, The Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney, throws a little shade toward 18-year-old pop star Justin Bieber

TMZ caught up with the Grammy-winning drummer and asked him about artists who’ve been “snubbed” by the Grammys. 

As Justin Bieber’s name was mentioned, Patrick Carney responded: 

“He’s rich right? The Grammys are for like music and not for money. He’s making a lot of making so he should be happy, I guess.”

Does Patrick Carney know something we don’t know?

NEW VIDEO: The Black Keys “Gold On The Ceiling” 

Does the formula for winning a Grammy involve being broke?

Justin Bieber apparently got wind of Patrick Carney’s dig, and responded by tweeting: 

Now, now, Bieber play nice.

Seriously doubt these two will ever exchange blows, but Patrick Carney should at least keep an eye out for those crazy “Beliebers.” 

What are your thoughts on Patrick’s comment about Bieber? 

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