Evidence obtained by authorities investigating Reeva Steenkamp’s death suggest that her boyfriend and double amputee Olympian, Oscar Pistorius, was high off of steroids during the alleged murder.

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A source close to the murder investigation says that the police found steroids in Pistorius’ home.

“Steroid drugs were found at Pistorius‘ home together with evidence of heavy drinking,” according to the source, unnamed in a Sun report. “That’s why police have specifically ordered that he be tested for steroids.”

In anticipation of a possible argument that he experienced “roid rage” – extremely aggressive behaviour associated with taking large doses of steroids – the police insisted that the athlete’s blood be tested for any foreign substances.

But those might be the least of Pistorius’ worries. New evidence reveals that he may have crushed Steenkamp’s skull with a cricket bat or used it to knock down the bathroom door that he shot her through.

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Another theory is that Steenkamp may have used the bat in self-defense.

Steenkamp’s skull was “crushed” and police tests on the cricket bat and her body will reveal if the injuries were caused by blows to the back of her head.

“There was lots of blood on the bat. Forensic tests will show whose blood it was,” said a source with inside knowledge of the case.

While the use of the bat has not been confirmed, CNN is reporting that Pistorius did shoot Steenkamp four times through the bathroom door. She was alive after she was shot and carried downstairs, according to sources.

One cartridge was found in the bedroom and the police suspect Oscar may have “chased” her and fired the first shot before Steenkamp could lock herself inside the toilet.

“The suspicion is that the first shot, in the bedroom, hit her in the hip. She then ran and locked herself in the toilet. She was doubled over because of the pain. He fired three more shots. She probably covered her head, which is why the bullet also went through her hand,” said a source.

The investigation is still underway. We send our thoughts and prayers to Steenkamp’s family.

SOURCE: CNN | City Press

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