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Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, is showing just how beastly he can actually be in a recent photo spread for Matt Plunkett.

Matt, who represents London’s Factory311, tapped the heavily tattooed model to co-star with Jasmine Sanders in a spread aptly titled “Beauty And The Beast.”

VIDEO: Rocawear Gets Ready For Spring/Summer 2013 Zombie Apocalypse With Rick Genest

Styled in pieces from vintage YSL, KG&co, and MCM amongst others, the two are impeccably dressed for the spread that ultimately doesn’t end well. While it seems that the models have an amazing chemistry on set, the spread plays out as a torrid love story that ends in the demise of Jasmine at the very hands of her lover. 

PHOTOS: Zombie Boy Takes A Bite Out Of Terry Richardson!

Take a look at the entire Matt Plunkett spread in the gallery above. To see how the photo shoot went down, look no further then the behind-the-scenes video below.

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