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Many of you may thank your lucky stars you don’t have to work in a library or a bookstore, however the Rizzoli store in New York City is not your average bookstore!

The cultural landmark originally opened its doors on the prestigious 5th Ave in 1964. But it wasn’t until 1985, when Rizzoli moved to its current location on W. 57th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, that it became the icon it is today. 

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Upon entering the bookstore, you simply have to look up at the beautiful cast iron chandeliers to understand how different the store is from your average Barnes & Noble. Continue browsing around and you will notice that the building, which was once a 6-story townhouse, now reflects the European designs of its time that include sculptures and figures carved into the molding.

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While the hundreds of books reflect the beauty from around the world, you simply have to open your eyes to understand why the Rizzoli store is considered the most beautiful bookstore in NYC. 

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