Many of you may thank your lucky stars you don’t have to work in a library or a bookstore, however the Rizzoli store in New York City is not your average bookstore! The cultural landmark originally opened its doors on the prestigious 5th Ave in 1964. But it wasn’t until 1985, when Rizzoli moved to […]

Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel, so it was only right that when Google decided to open an office in Israel, they would put it where the “action” is. The newest Google office boasts 8 whole floors of space and you can guarantee it’s not all for work. A gym, restaurants, […]

At this point, it should go without saying that Christian Louboutin is one of the most famous shoe designers in the world. Any celebrity and working woman with a little bit of change has probably worn one or more of his shoes in the last decade.  Although his popularity seems very current, Christian Louboutin and […]

At some point or another, possibly as a joke, you’ve heard someone say they read Playboy mainly for the articles. Although the magazine does include some very worthwhile editorial content, most people purchase Playboy for the beautiful women and tasteful nude shots. PHOTOS: WORK SPACES: Phillip Lim’s Wonderfully Curated New York Office You’d imagine the […]

Phillip Lim hasn’t been on the fashion scene for as long as some of his counterparts, but there’s no doubt his 3.1 Phillip Lim brand has achieved one of the biggest impacts. Lim has only been in his New York work space on Hudson Street for six months, but it looks like he’s had it for […]

Google seems to have so many offices and all of them are cooler than whatever office you work at! We previously showed one in Beverly Hills and their campus in London, however this time around, Google has put their London headquarters on display for us. Designed by Penson, the space contains indoor and outdoor workplaces, […]

If you don’t know Mark Dean Veca by name, but you are a fan of streetwear, chances are you may have seen his work. In the last few years he has done collaborative projects with Nike, The Hundreds, Original-Fake, Burton, and even Ford.  In the art world he is known for his pop culture imagery […]

Google made waves a little while back when they purchased YouTube in 2006. The free video sharing website is used by millions of people on a daily basis, so naturally, it takes quite a large amount of people to run the actual website. WORK SPACES: Inside Google’s London Campus For New Technology Start-Ups Normally when […]

Unsurprisingly, Google has come up with a pretty cool idea. Instead of waiting for your competition to make their moves outside, build a campus for them to work under your roof.  The Google Campus, located in Shoreditch, London is a new space designed specifically for young and new technology start-ups to have a place to work. […]

Women love Yigal Azrouël.  His ultra modern take on your average day-to-day garments has solidified his spot as one of today’s most sought after designers, and we’re pretty sure that some of you may have never even heard of him. Still, he’s designing everything just for you, and he’s even begun to venture into the […]

One of our favorite homegrown street artists from New York is Curtis Kulig. If you pay attention to the NYC landscape, chances are you have seen his “Love Me” tag written on hundreds of surfaces throughout the city. He has since expanded his work from the streets to galleries spanning from Las Vegas to London […]


When I was six years old, I lived in the Boogie Down Bronx with my dad and my older sister.  My mother was an addict and HIV positive, living on the streets of Brooklyn and hadn’t been in my life since I was three. My pops had to give up his career as a rapper […]