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Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel, so it was only right that when Google decided to open an office in Israel, they would put it where the “action” is.

The newest Google office boasts 8 whole floors of space and you can guarantee it’s not all for work. A gym, restaurants, private rooms, and “chill-out” areas are all included in the Tel Aviv Google offices. Apparently Google realizes that when you make a fun office, you will have more productive employees who are willing to stay longer!

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Because of the heavy Muslim and Jewish influence in the area, there are 3 restaurants on-site to choose from, including kosher, non-kosher dairy, and non-kosher meat. Sustainability plays a big role in the building’s infrastructure too, with the building currently awaiting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ‘Platinum’ Certification – the first of its kind in Israel.

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Google has also made working “outside of the box” a little easier by making more than half of the space specially designed to allow for maximum communication possibilities, creating a collaborative and diverse work environment.

Of course you can work privately at their many private areas as well, but if you would like to see what the whole place has to offer, look no further than the gallery above!