Google made waves a little while back when they purchased YouTube in 2006. The free video sharing website is used by millions of people on a daily basis, so naturally, it takes quite a large amount of people to run the actual website.

WORK SPACES: Inside Google’s London Campus For New Technology Start-Ups

Normally when you hear about dot-com businesses in California, you think about the offices being somewhere in Silicon Valley, but that may have been a little too low-brow for Google, because they built their offices up in Beverly Hills!

Designed by architecture giant HLW, the space seems perfect for any tech company. It has big open spaces, lots of light from the windows, modern furniture, a kitchen and all of the amenities you would want to see in your dream office. 

WORK SPACES: Curtis Kulig aka LOVE ME’s Manhattan Apartment & Studio

There is even a pool table available for when you want to take your mind off all things tech. 

Take a look at a few pictures from the Google offices for YouTube in the gallery above.



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