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At some point or another, possibly as a joke, you’ve heard someone say they read Playboy mainly for the articles. Although the magazine does include some very worthwhile editorial content, most people purchase Playboy for the beautiful women and tasteful nude shots.

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You’d imagine the office that makes a magazine based around nude women couldn’t be a boring place to work, and you’d be right.

The 44,780-square-foot Playboy office space is the brainchild of execs Landis Smithers, Kristin Patrick and architecture firm Wolcott Architecture | Interiors. Throughout the space, there are paintings from world famous artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, among others. 

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There’s beautifully crafted furniture and Playboy memorabilia everywhere the eye can see. Additionally, there are tons of archived Playboy magazines from yesteryear located throughout the space.

And having a pool and a pool table at the office isn’t that bad either.

Check out some detailed pictures of Playboy’s Beverly Hills headquarters in the gallery above!